With a focus on design and usability, we specialize in providing tools and services built using Python programming language to improve productivity of engineering and technology specialists.

Our team consists of industry veterans from a wide variety of backgrounds who provide solutions to maximize your productivity. We focus on areas such as analytics, statistics, and custom software tooling for Mining, Energy, Utilities, Telecommunications, and Logistics companies.

At Aqron we are always looking for people with backgrounds in engineering, mathematics, and computers. We are looking for adaptive intelligent minds who can collaborate to work in a team. If you have a passion for technology, and are willing to work in a fast paced cutting edge environment, Aqron is the place for you.

Looking to become a part of our team? Please send a one page electronic document explaining your core strengths and weaknesses together with some practical examples of your past work at: careers@aqron.com. The experience could be anything you have done for work or leisure in the areas of engineering, mathematics, and computers. If you have something to share with us regarding your pet project perhaps, we will be glad to listen. In case your profile interests us, we will get back in touch within 3 working days of your email.